Collateral Ligament Sprains

Many sports require quick stopping, starting and directional changes at various speeds. Jumping and landing with directional changes require good knee stability, especially in your ligaments. Unfortunately, if landing on a planted foot with too much knee twisting, or with the wrong directional forces on the knee, you can sprain or even tear one of the collateral knee ligaments.

The collateral ligaments sit either side of the knee joint and provide support and stability to the knee. Physiotherapists grade strains between grade 1 (minor tear) to grade 3 (full rupture). Depending on the severity of the tear, these structures take between 4-6 weeks to heal. It is important to follow rehabilitation guidelines to ensure you do not end up with scar tissue causing long term weakness in the ligament, resulting in re-occurrence of the injury.

If you think you have need help with a collateral ligament injury, feel free to give us a call.

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